Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) - Pharmacy Bazar Online Doctor Consultation Services:


1. What is Pharmacy Bazar?

Pharmacy Bazar is an online platform that facilitates convenient and secure doctor consultations through its website (https://www.pharmacybazar.in) and mobile applications for Android and iOS devices.

2. How does Pharmacy Bazar work?

Users can register on the platform, browse through registered healthcare professionals, and book online consultations. The consultations can be conducted through the website or mobile applications.

3. Is Pharmacy Bazar available on mobile devices?

Yes, Pharmacy Bazar offers mobile applications for both Android and iOS platforms, providing users with the flexibility to consult with doctors using their smartphones or tablets.

4. What types of doctors are available on Pharmacy Bazar?

Pharmacy Bazar connects users with a diverse range of healthcare professionals, including general practitioners, specialists, and other medical experts.

5. How do I book an online consultation?

To book a consultation, log in to your Pharmacy Bazar account, select a preferred doctor, choose a suitable time slot, and confirm the booking. The doctor will then connect with you at the scheduled time.

6. Are my online consultations private and secure?

Yes, Pharmacy Bazar prioritizes user privacy and employs industry-standard security measures to ensure the confidentiality of online consultations.

7. How do I pay for online consultations?

Users can make secure online payments through the platform using various payment methods. The applicable fees for consultations are displayed during the booking process.

8. Can I get prescription medications through Pharmacy Bazar?

Pharmacy Bazar does not directly sell prescription medications. Users may receive prescriptions from healthcare professionals during consultations, and they can purchase medications from local pharmacies.

9. Is the Pharmacy Bazar suitable for emergency medical situations?

No, Pharmacy Bazar's services are not intended for emergencies. In case of emergencies, users are advised to seek immediate medical attention through local emergency services.

10. Can I access my consultation history?

Yes, users can access their consultation history through their Pharmacy Bazar accounts, including details of past consultations, prescriptions, and recommendations.

11. How do I update my personal and health information?

Users can update their personal and health information by logging into their Pharmacy Bazar accounts and navigating to the profile or settings section.

12. What happens if I miss my scheduled consultation?

If you miss a scheduled consultation, you may need to reschedule with the same doctor or book an appointment with another available healthcare professional.

13. Is Pharmacy Bazar available 24/7?

While users can book appointments 24/7, the availability of healthcare professionals may vary. Users are encouraged to check the doctor's schedule for suitable time slots.

14. How are technical issues addressed during consultations?

In the event of technical issues, users can reach out to Pharmacy Bazar's support team for assistance through the provided contact information on the platform.

15. How often are the FAQ and policies updated?

Pharmacy Bazar aims to keep FAQs and policies up-to-date. Users are advised to check for updates regularly on the website and mobile applications.

For any additional queries or concerns, users can contact Pharmacy Bazar's customer support at info@pharmacybazar.in